Jay M. Horne, an author turned publisher,  sprang up among the roots of a literary family tree.  His grandparents were both English teachers, his aunt a grade-school principal, his late uncle a poet, his mother and sister artists and he, a life-long lover of martial arts, especially the style of Tesaihiryu Ninjutsu, which he created and coined their motto 'The Perfection of Life'.
He was raised as a middle child.  His older brother, Justin and younger sister, Jillian shared his childhood.
     Jay's writing career began in 2010 with his release of 'Life's A Joke!', at the age of 30. It is a title that he currently is slightly ashamed to claim as his own, but regardless continues to be the top seller in his library.  To begin with, writing was therapy, but since has become a passion of his.  Reading, editing, publishing, cover design, everything about books captures him.
     At the age of ten, Jay had begun writing and designing on computers.  Many old childhood books he created are published now, after years of sitting in a file cabinet of his father's.
     Currently, Jay lives in Bradenton, Florida and is married to Angela Horne.  He has four children, Ashton, Montanna, Morgan, and Jaymat whose greatest aspirations are also to be famous writers!
Jay works for Manatee County as an EMT and enjoys keeping fit through training Ninja with his children and swimming on Anna Maria Beach.
​     His current library of personal publications totals about 20 titles, and he steadily has a few manuscripts in the works. Mostly his daily writing is focused on Martial Arts Instructionals and Genre Fiction.
Tower Hearts

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Multi-Cultural Thriller

A Relic of Remedies

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Pumpkin Planet

Kid's Festive Short


My Latest Work

     The bottom line for any real father is making sure ends meet. That means making money with products that are appealing and reciprocal.  Writing is a career that starts as a hobby and grows into a retirement plan.  The vision? A book in every genre; creating a product for every new aquaintance.

     Abundant family time through careful planning and faithful execution.  Hope means keeping in mind that you can always choose the path, but not always see the process.

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