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"Jay formats my manuscripts for e-book publication and creates covers for them. He has always been a true professional and a delight to work with. I consider myself most fortunate to have such a conscientious and talented character working on my behalf. "

-Morgan McFinn

Full Service Publishing

"I had a general idea of what I wanted it to look like and you came through with a perfect cover to help in the telling of the story and in describing the lead character."

-Richard Lee King and Donna Chandler

"As the Founder and CEO of Two Dozen Pine LLC, I am a search engine consult who works with numerous fortune 500 companies such as WalMart and Sam’s Club as well as many smaller local businesses and I am happy to recommend Jay Horne. I have known and worked with Jay on several occasions for over 6 years and have always been impressed with his dedication and attention to detail as well as his character and integrity."

-Woody Short

"Throughout the project, Jay was very prompt in his correspondence with me and his work was very thorough. He graciously worked with me to make the vision I had in my head a reality on paper and he provided me with book covers that are better than I ever imagined."

-Jill Eisnaugle, CPC-A

Jay M Horne


"Hello and thanks again for all your amazing work on all of the covers!!!  So few things in life are ever perfect, but each one of the covers that you have fashioned over the years is.... perfect in every way!!"

-C.W. Holcomb