Although we hold traditional Ninjutsu, within the Bujinkan Dojo, at a very high regard- Let's face it; Ninjutsu needs a modern makeover. My family has done their time in tradition; completing the Black Belt Home Study Course, keeping our heads buried in Stephen K. Hayes books, and even training alongside Bud Malmstrom in Atlanta, GA during the early 1990's. But, times have changed, and now we do what we do, for fun, fitness, and most of all, faith. It is very rewarding for us to brave the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, run the forests of inner city parks, and climb trees and hillsides alongside our friends who have fought battles of their own.

Tesaihiryu Ninja

 There are very few places in America that Jay and his family have not left friends who have been companion to them out in the dark, after the midnight hours, while on aimless ninja missions. The completion of which would end in a dripping wet, and often muddy, ninja uniform at the local Waffle House for a victory meal.
     As silly as it sounds, that one constant always acted as a conduit for our creative energy and it is something that we would love to proudly pass on to your family.
     Jay Horne and his family (Wife Angela, Daughter Montanna, and Son Ashton) have a unique take on living that springs from the lifelong perspective Jay has acquired from martial arts. They see something in the meaning of Ninja that he saw when he was just a young boy, and share his dedication to it. It is the single thing that has driven him to always keep striving. After defining itself through constant practice, we call it The Perfection of Life.
     Regardless of the name you give your Jutsu (Jay's is Tesaihiryu Ninja), your art is defined by the lesson it teaches; the message it portrays. When Jay began to write down his training agenda as a young man, he quickly realized that the list would be infinite, and that became the basis of his training, which would eventually become his Art of and lifelong dedication.
     Only in Ninjutsu, during every action (even a simple walk to the store) you are constantly adding to your repertoire of knowledge.

Jay M Horne


Continuing Training

Tesaihiryu Ninja was developed over 20 years after Jay began teaching its first two members at their homes back in 1990.  The art sprang up in the light of each persons' individual acts of expression. Many claim that self-taught individuals are often misinformed. This can hold true, however, if he who teaches also accepts himself as party to the lessons everyone can stay opened to growing their education wherever they find it. This is apparent in their own mistakes as well as those of other's; especially each other's.

 Picasso can lead you to the canvas, teach you brush strokes, and provide you with the right palette, but he can never provide you the inspiration that made his art world-renowned.  It is the same way with martial arts.  Jay has always strived to bring the ART back to the world.
     Jay's Ninja International book series focuses on how to teach Tesaihiryu Ninja to practitioners and young adults. He doesn't believe in structured classes geared toward copying his movements, but rather in mentoring the eager to learn toward finding their own path through self-education and interest. Whether readers utilize these descriptive lessons to teach a student of their own, or to simply train themselves, is up to the reader.  But, remember, there is no better learning than to teach!

Ninja International