Self Published Package

Why learn how to use createspace, lulu or smashwords when you can let us do the work for you?  Publishing is a hassle for a writer! When writers begin their career they should be writing, not publishing!  That's where we come in.  With the lowest rate in quality self-publishing on the web, you can focus on what you do best, WRITING, while we do the rest.  That is, until you are ready.  We will make getting your book in print easy.  You will open accounts on-line with respective self publishing sites like, and set a temporary password for us to access your account with.  We will then format your manuscripts and covers and upload them for you to your own account so that you can monitor your own sales, channels, and revenue.  There is nothing more exciting than watching your sales grow!  Once we have your book published and polished, you can change your password and take over the reins.  This option is GREAT for first time writers who have their sights set on the publishing industry in the future.  Also included in the FULL self publishing pack is full e-book distribution.  So, with our full self published package, you will get:

Covers for both editions, Formatting for both editions, Uploading and Print Preparation for both editions, Account Consultation so you stay in control of your royalties, and you keep all the Revenue!

Full self published package pricing:

All Channels Publishing $300 (Includes total preparation for physical and electronic editions, conversion, uploading, set-up and consultation)

Cover Design

We love working our right brain here.  Let us design your cover for you self-publishers.  We will log on and download the needed template from your publisher, and design and draft a cover that they can use for your project.  Please give us your personal thoughts, our designers love the feeling of hitting the nail right on the head, and we don't give up until we get it just right FOR YOU!

Cover design pricing:

Front page or E-book Cover $30 (Includes .pdf and .jpg images)

Full cover with/without dust jacket $50 (includes .pdf and .jpg images)

Electronic Publishing

E-books are a simple matter of formatting, bug fixes and conversions at Bookflurry.  Have no idea what we are talking about?  No worries! We handle all of that, and at the BEST rate in the industry!  No one competes with Bookflurry E-book Publishing!  Bookflurry is the home of $100 e-book universal publishing for series authors.  Not planning on writing a series? That's fine!  We charge the lowest rates in electronic publishing consultation and do the most for you!  We will personally format your e-cover, remove all glitches from your MSWORD or OFFICE file and convert and upload your e-book to YOUR OWN ACCOUNT at  This service also includes consultation in opening your account and distribution across ALL platforms of e-media from Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Apple and many more!

Electronic publishing pricing:

Publishing $200 (Includes Formatting, Smashwords ISBN, Conversion, Uploading, E-book Cover Design, Set-up and Consultation

Our Services

Jay M Horne


Traditional Publishing

We only print with the best in the industry.  Our printing partner has the lowest rates and uses the highest quality paper and bindings.  It is our job to help get your work in front of an audience, and what better audience than brick and mortar bookstores and libraries?  With our advanced distribution, a small $60 one-time fee, your book will be included in the Ingram monthly published catalog that ships to prime retailers.  Technicalities need not be on your mind, we handle everything.  Any books that bookstores order and do not sell are shipped back to you for future sales. Furthermore, bookstores get a 55% discount off retail price when they buy bulk from us at Bookflurry.  This means that you have the upper hand, and a risk free bargain for them, when you pitch your plan for a book signing to the owner of your next favorite bookstore.  We would love to be your publisher!

Traditional publishing package pricing:

Initial Publishing $435 (Includes Formatting, ISBN, Conversion, Uploading, Consultation, Cover Design and Set-up)

Printing Per Book Price Varies on Book Size and Page Count

Additional Charges may be accrued by re-submissions or alterations (Consultation usually avoids this)